JMB Technology

Bespoke software


We produce bespoke software in Edinburgh, Scotland. We mainly produce Android apps or dynamic websites suitable for all browsers.


We run our own projects, and also do projects for clients.

Our Work

Open Tech Calendar

Open Tech Calendar Screenshot

In July 2012 we started this project to list the tech events in Scotland on a open platform where anyone can add events. This project has had much interest in Scotland, has picked up sponsorship and has been white labelled for other uses.

Open A Calendar and Has A Calendar

Has A Calendar Screenshot

This takes the wiki calendar platform behind Open Tech Calendar and makes it available to other communities and groups as an Open Source product. This is also available as a hosted version for those that aren't technical.

Blipfoto Android App

Blipfoto Screenshot

We developed the Android App from scratch to completion for Blipfoto, an Edinburgh based photo sharing community.

City Outdoors

Edinburgh Outdoors Screenshot

Edinburgh Outdoors was launched in late 2012. This project with Edinburgh Council was funded by winning a NESTA competition. It took new Open Data from the council and presented it to users, with interactive and playful elements. We worked on a PHP/MySQL web application and an Android application, and worked with a designer and iOS developer on the project. The code was released Open Source as City Outdoors and we have since used this code on other projects like Quest from Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Principal staff

James Baster

James Baster

James has many years experience with web and Android programming.